Product & Ingredients

What are the benefits of Camel milk? (vs cow milk)

Compared to whole cow’s milk, camel milk is 40% lower in saturated fats, and is a natural source of protein. To sweeten the deal even more, it also contains naturally less lactose, which can be kinder to the stomach.

How does it taste?

When compared to other alternative milks, such as goat, camel milk doesn’t have any grassy or earthy notes, rather a slightly salty, nutty flavour which pairs wonderfully with coffee! Our range has a little agave syrup as well, to help bring out some natural sweetness.

Is it suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

As our camel milk is pasteurised, it is just as safe for pregnant women as regular cows milk. In fact, due to its increased amount of iron and vitamins, it’s even better!

Can this product be frozen?

If you intend to freeze your milk, do so as soon as possible and consume within 6 months. And remember, it cannot be refrozen once thawed. It might be slightly grainy or clumpy when thawed, but this is easily fixed with a good shake.

How can you use camel milk?

However you want! It is intensely creamy and smooth, so we find it great in coffee, but you could put it in oats, cereal, or just about anything.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We’ve done away with plastic in favour of Tetra-Pak cartons. These are recyclable in 90% of UK local authorities, and are easy to rinse and recycle once used.

What steps do you take to reduce your carbon footprint?

Our Tetra-Pak cartons are over 70% plant-based, meaning a far smaller amount of fossil fuels are used in production.

Cows Vs Camels - which is more sustainable?

There are over 1 billion cattle worldwide, and each one releases approximately 99 kilograms of methane per year. When you compare this to camels, who on average produce 46 kilograms each per year, it becomes clear which is more environmentally friendly!

Is this product nut-free?

All our products are nut free, with the only allergen being whole camel milk.


Are your factories compliant to food standards?

We only work with the highest quality producers, and as such our farm is up to date with international quality and safety standards, including both HACCP and ISO.

Ethical Standards

Are your camels well taken care of?

The well-being of our camels is a top priority, and so we work only with the highest quality farmers and producers in the UAE. In fact, we even travelled out there to check on them ourselves!


Where can I buy your products?

Currently our products will only be available to the UK on our website, so watch this space!

Where do you ship to?

We can currently deliver anywhere in the UK, just order from our website!

Why is this so expensive?

Our camel milk can be perceived as pricier than other products, but this is due to the fact that there are roughly 270 million dairy cows in the world, however there are only 14 million camels. This means we are exclusive – like a Birkin Bag.